A double achievement in talent acquisition!


A double achievement in talent acquisition!

We have had the pleasure of working with two new talents at CDC for a few weeks now. Justine Bouchard Bélanger and Steve Bourgault are two young professionals fresh from our Quebec schools whom we met this spring. 

We are proud to welcome these young talents; they are highly qualified people who will add freshness and expertise to the agency. Justine Bouchard Bélanger, a graduate of HEC, is now acting as a Junior Project Manager and Steve Bourgault, Web Developer, has joined the Cyclone technology team.

"The acquisition of new talent is a constant challenge for companies, especially in these times of labour shortages. We wholeheartedly trust these young recruits who just graduated with fresh ideas and great motivation. Paired with our most experienced team members, they will have the opportunity to evolve at a very high speed" - Laure Marcus, partner and production manager. 

This is the beginning of summer for the CDC team. This momentum will set the tone for the coming months for the agency, which has been growing steadily for several years.