A comprehensive solution

The Aromaestro diffuser was created and developed in Quebec by a research team based in Blainville and is the first connected olfactory atmosphere solution on the market. The self-managed diffuser allows you to perfume, deodorize and sanitize the ambient air in any space (a home, restaurant, store or hotel, for example) thanks to a vapourization process linked to a dedicated online platform. This innovative product is the solution to a growing demand for olfactory marketing.

Long-term partnership

Aromaestro was founded in 2011. We provided consulting services throughout their company development: from defining their marketing and sales strategies to managing their brand image, creating sales tools and integrating an e-commerce platform into their website.

Strategic planning

+ Competition and customer analysis
+ Development and management of brand image
+ International development
+ Ongoing strategic consultation
+ Social media management

Branding and packaging design

+ Complete redesign of the packaging and the user approach
+ Creation of sales tools (brochures, flyers, etc.)

Technical development

Design, integration and programming of the e-commerce website

+ Visual concept developed
+ Content editing
+ Responsive web design
+ Bilingual site architecture
+ Product catalogue structure and programming