Town of Blainville
Energetic, colourful, and uniting!

Created in 1968, the municipality of Blainville is turning 50 in 2018! With over 56,000 residents, it offers a variety of activities each year, including: Blainville en fête, Petits bonheurs, Fête hivernale, Airs d’été, and Blainville en chansons, as well as many cultural and topical exhibits like Ma première galerie d’art and Blainville-Art. Because it cares about the well-being of its citizens, it also conducts fire prevention, road safety, and similar campaigns.

Since 2014, CDC has assisted the Town of Blainville in completing numerous graphical and interactive communication projects. From full design of year-long campaigns to producing promotional tools to visual rebranding, we have offered the town graphical solutions tailored to meet its needs. For the Town of Blainville, the variety of pending projects is often a challenge. Assembling a dedicated production team for this client will keep the work moving smoothly. A team made up of an art director to provide visual continuity, a project manager who monitors the progress made on assignments, and two graphic designers enables the Town of Blainville to produce effective, visually striking communication tools on what can sometimes be very tight deadlines.

Graphic design and computer graphics

+ Development of original visual concepts
+ Visual identity creation: Logos, pictograms, and illustrations
+ Graphical adaptations of print/Web materials and promotional tools
+ Outdoor poster campaign
+ Signage



The Town of Blainville had us design the campaign for the launch of the Paul- Mercier Library in September 2015. CDC produced a series of signatures, which were then adapted into various formats: Banners, billboards, reusable bags, and others.

Glass-and- metal garden

Designed by the horticulturist Albert Mondor for the Floralies Internationales de Montréal, the glass-and- metal garden is an artwork made almost entirely from plants and recycled or salvaged materials. It includes a green wall accentuated with salvaged glass bottles and includes over twenty different varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground cover, including flowers and leaves in silver, grey, orange, brown, and purple colours that allude to the appearance of steel in different states.

The Town of Blainville asked us to create a visual signature for this unique garden. In addition to a logo, CDC also came up with informative signs that appear at the site and advertisements to promote the opening of the garden to locals.

Salon des métiers d’art de Blainville

For the 10th anniversary of the Salon des métiers d’art, CDC was tasked with overhauling the events image, with a new logo and a fully redesigned advertising platform.