Dicom Transport Group
Fluid, effective logistics

The Dicom Transport Group has offered business-to-business delivery services (packages, freight, and logistics) to Canada and the United States since 1968. With over 105 branches, Dicom enjoys the largest and fastest private delivery network in Quebec and Ontario. The group uses multiple modes of transportation to assist its clients from all industries and everywhere in North America, carrying over 75,000 cargo loads each day.


Strategies used


After several acquisitions, the Dicom Transport Group wanted to harmonize its brand image, review its marketing tools, deploy its social media, and support its HR communication. CDC actively assisted it in its strategy and in developing its various communication activities.

Creating a standards guide

In order to assert Dicom's visual identity and accurately define the components of the brand image, CDC created a Graphic Identity Manual for the Group to help ensure that the corporate image would be correctly conveyed both internally and externally. CDC also developed a "Brand Zone", an online sharing space for downloading files representing various components of the brand image.

Designing marketing and sales tools

The Dicom Group enlisted CDC to revise and harmonize its tools for its marketing and sales teams. The Group particularly asked CDC to design several corporate presentations and representative materials, as well as sensitive projects like developing service proposals for calls for tenders.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Content writing and restructuring
  • Design and layout
  • Photomontages
  • Creating logos

Careers website

Given its sizable recruitment challenges, Dicom wanted to improve its visibility to job applicants. In order to develop its brand image as an employer, CDC recommended creating a careers website highlighting Dicom's appeal to potential applicants. CDC was then tasked with producing the site, which went online in 2016.
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  • Strategic consulting
  • Responsive design
  • Content writing
  • Integration and programming

Social media management

In 2016, the Dicom Group wanted to enter social media with the goal of harmonizing the brand across North America and improving the visibility of the employer brand among potential job applicants in order to help recruitment. CDC assisted it in this approach by developing a social media management strategy. Currently, CDC is continually responsible for scheduling and writing publication calendars.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Writing, illustrating, and posting content
  • Managing recruitment ads on Facebook
  • Community management

LEED website

The head office of the Dicom Group is an environmentally responsible building that has received the international LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). To show off this amazing workplace, CDC developed an interactive tour of the site for mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) so that viewers could explore its various ecological features.

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  • Strategic consulting
  • Responsive design
  • Writing content
  • Integration and programming