Dedicated to relaxation

The Spa & Hotel Le Finlandais is unique in North America thanks to its vastness and diversity of its facilities. Located in an enchanting natural setting in Rosemère, it stands out in particular for its original concept of Saunas of the World, which allows guests to discover thermotherapy in all its geographical and cultural diversity. Le Finlandais has entrusted us with the mission of enhancing and harmonising its brand image, while remaining true to the identity that has been shaped over the years. This mission took the form of a comprehensive communication strategy, in order to meet several objectives:

+ Offer users an elegant and ergonomic web experience to discover the various services offered by the Spa & Hotel Le Finlandais: baths and saunas, beauty care and massages, accommodation.

+ Highlight the originality of Le Finlandais by showcasing the unique concept of Saunas of the World and show how these theme paths, which invite guests to discover thermal experiences from all over the world, allow the facility to stand out from its competitors.

+ Improve the purchase of gift cards and massages by ensuring greater emphasis on calls to action.

+ Rethink the various aspects of the communication strategy and the overall coherence of the brand image in order to make it more assertive and attractive, while remaining in line with what has been built up so far.

Strategy and creative approach

A global approach to the tools made it possible to reinforce the coherence and strength of the brand image. The mandate covered various aspects: website redesign, newsletter campaigns, social media presence and a modern approach to advertising. The Saunas of the World have been given a central role in the experience offered in the new version of the website, thanks in particular to the creation of universes for each of the world’s inspirations. The user experience has been optimised to ensure that the calls to action are highly effective, with a positive result noted just a few weeks after the website went live.

In terms of artistic direction, the mosaic layout and the font of the titles echo the logo of Le Finlandais, but the style of the images and the colour palette (hues of blue and turquoise) have been harmonised in order to communicate the pleasure of relaxation while highlighting the beauty of the premises and the professionalism of the services offered by the facility. This harmonisation process was supported by the artistic direction of a new photo shoot, the creation of an animation for the home page and the rewriting of all the texts in a more eloquent style.

Agency’s achievements:

+ Strategic support
+ Writing and editorial consulting
+ Content architecture
+ Artistic direction and graphic design
+ Integration and programming (WordPress technology)
+ Videos and photos: collaboration with 32 Degrés

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