A Strategic and Graphical Support from Start to Finish


Xebec, a worldwide supplier of gas generation, purification and filtration, is a thriving company dedicated to developing environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions. Committed to the fight against climate change, the company stands out for its diverse range of products that are revolutionizing the green energy and renewable natural gas market.

Since March 2020, Cyclone Design Communications has been actively supporting the Blainville-based company in the evolution of its global communication strategy and the modernization of its graphic identity while remaining faithful to its initial brand image, a strong symbol of the company. This exposure allows Xebec to gain customer visibility and to suitably excel in a highly competitive environment.

+ Strategic support
+ Writing and editorial advice
+ Content architecture
+ Art direction and graphic design
+ Integration and programming (WordPress technology)
+ Promotional videos

Comprehensive Communication Strategy

Xebec, a company in expansion, has recently purchased various enterprises such as: HyGear and Inmatec. These acquisitions pose a key challenge when it comes to cohesion and coherence of the commercial image.

Therefore, Xebec has for the last two years, trusted CDC with the elaboration and implementation of a comprehensive communication strategy. Starting from the design of a fresh visual image in line with the tone used in social media, we provide day-to-day support to the company in order to put forward its values, to publicize its efforts in the area of air and gas purification as well as to promote its 50 years of experience.

Internet Site
and Web Support

To complete this new communication approach, Xebec's website has undergone a complete overhaul. A thorough transformation has been undertaken by Cyclone Design Communications to implement a modern, ergonomic and attractive platform.

Service and product presentations were improved, the informative content was revised for clarification and the company’s general message enhanced through an introductory corporative video in the homepage. Since the website redesign, CDC has worked together with Xebec in its web content management on a weekly basis.

Marketing and Communication Materials

In order to facilitate its organizational communications and to increase its sales, Xebec calls upon our services for the creation of marketing and advertising materials. It is with great pleasure that we take on the design of brochures, price lists, corporate presentations and stationery.

Media planning
and placement
Digital and
print advertising
video design
video production