Cyclone Design Communications
When creativity and technology go hand in hand!

The question we are (very) often asked when meeting new clients or collaborators is: "What makes your agency different?" To this question, we will answer with certainty: our technology department. This solid team of 3 developers and 2 full-time web integrators is nothing less than creativity applied to problem solving and technological challenges.

For almost 12 years, CDC has been developing sophisticated technological projects and carrying out customised mandates to facilitate our clients' daily lives by simplifying and automating certain processes. Technological creativity is more difficult to showcase than visually appealing creative projects and advertising concepts that make people laugh, and sometimes think. In this case, we would rather talk about efficiency gains and operating cost reductions.

But how do these projects end up on our screens? Often thanks to the reflex of some clients to confide in us about their challenges and issues for which they are looking for solutions.

Some examples?

Safety alert system

A client in the transport sector must demonstrate that it has acted diligently with its customers during a safety recall. In addition to setting up a database documenting all of its safety notices, we have developed a tool allowing the client to issue e-mail alerts, to track all interactions of clients targeted by a recall and to provide a dashboard giving the client the status of its safety campaigns in real time. A faster process and above all, one that offers complete traceability, unlike the method used previously. This project, which was carried out in three main phases, enabled the client to add even more advanced functionalities and more precise statistics.


Digital Ad Format Generator

The world of traditional media is not new to transformation. Its advertising revenue business model was challenged when advertisers were confronted with the reality of programmed digital advertising. Media designers, used to producing numerous advertising layouts on a daily basis, were also faced with this problem with no obvious solution. With this in mind, we developed a tool that allows graphic designers to generate digital ad formats without having to create a single line of code! Saving time and money, this solution has certainly helped this media to get out of a potentially fatal situation.

When the pillars of the temple tremble

Over the past 2 decades, the number of companies that have moved to a web-based business model has more than exploded. Many of these models have been developed on a technology platform that is now largely outdated, forcing them to operate on an outdated, unstable and potentially business-critical foundation.

Early symptoms include slowdowns, instabilities or technology that will soon be unsupported, affecting operations. When the adjustments are no longer sufficient, it is time to take out the tools and think about the next job. Even before the first shovelful of earth is turned, the analysis phase must be prioritised. It is not uncommon for such projects to take place over several years. The analysis and testing phases often take just as long as the development phase, but when done well, they ensure a smooth transition.

Our role in this type of mandate is to anticipate the medium and long term evolution of the solution so that the foundations can support the company's progress with robustness and flexibility.

Our teams advocate an iterative development process where the client can see their project evolve throughout its implementation. Whether in the analysis, during the iteration or in the testing phase, the success of a technological project depends on the full collaboration between the team and the client.

Creativity is therefore not just a matter for designers, "creative minds" and artists. Creativity is first and foremost a problem-solving approach that easily competes with more traditional management and development approaches.