Bringing Rosemère to life

Cyclone is proud to have created a unique identity for Rosemère's commercial artery, allowing it to establish itself as the town's sought-after epicentre. Starting with the creation of a new name: located on a road known as the Grande Côte, what was called the Cœur Villageois has become "Côté Cœur".

On behalf of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Thérèse-de-Blainville, Cyclone's objective was to promote the assets of this thoroughfare in order to make it an essential part of the region and to encourage new merchants to set up shop in this coveted neighbourhood.

The name brand

Rich in meaning, the new name "Côté Cœur" takes up the challenge of evoking the pre-existing concepts of Cœur Villageois and Grande Côte while revitalizing the identity of the area: vibrant, refined, generous and unifying. The artery finds its own identity while fitting naturally into the heart of the town of Rosemère.

The design lightens the acute accent of the word "côté" while emphasizing the sloping circumflex accent above the word "cœur": a way of discreetly including the already acquired idea of the "Grande Côte", while underlining the elegance and welcoming character of the thoroughfare. The blue-green of the acute accent evokes the surrounding nature, while the circumflex accent, which houses the "heart" at the centre of the design, is a vibrant red.


Achievements by the agency

Cyclone Design Communications provided complete support to publicize and enhance Côté Cœur's unique brand image. This image is currently being promoted on social networks and shines through a landing page also developed by CDC, which offers a wealth of information on the commercial artery in a lively, dynamic and elegant way:

The 4 dimensions of the village centre

The "Côté Cœur" concept also has the advantage of being easily adaptable. Cyclone has developed four sections highlighting the assets of the commercial artery: Côté Gourmet, Côté Wellness, Côté Boutiques, Côté Services.

Along with the slogan "Experience, savour, discover / courtesy of Rosemère", this concept highlights the variety, quality and signature dimension of local specialty shops to the target clientele.

It also allows for the coherent and effective articulation of the various aspects of the advertising campaign, which includes a direct communications offensive, on-the-ground variations and a complete digital component.

+ Strategic support
+ Design and branding of the commercial identity
+ Web design and creation
+ Art direction and graphic design
+ Integration and programming
+ Video production
+ Professional communication

Le cœur villageois de Rosemère possède maintenant sa marque commerçante distinguée :