Lucie Hénault
A Matter of Flair

As an experienced veterinarian, Lucie Hénault has made a name for herself in recent years thanks to her numerous appearances as a speaker and commentator on radio and television. She is the owner of five clinics affiliated with the Passionimo network and has surrounded herself with an all-female team of associates with a very wide range of skills. Despite Lucie being a seasoned businesswoman, the Lucie Hénault Group is facing the recruitment difficulties that small businesses are currently experiencing. She called upon Cyclone Design Communications to create a brand image and a website that would showcase her unique practice to draw the attention of young talent in animal health technology.

Strategy and Branding

The mission of Cyclone Design Communications consisted first and foremost of implementing a brand strategy for Lucie Hénault and her team, under the name "Par Lucie Hénault et cie”. The challenge was to highlight and publicize Lucie Hénault's practice, clinics and original approach through the creation of a recognizable and attractive brand image that would associate Lucie Hénault's name with the values that characterize her work: professionalism and credibility, passion for animals, female leadership, local business, and the combination of a powerful business model and a humane work experience.

The creation of a brand image capable of developing over time and becoming a symbol in the veterinary sector in the coming years is part of a long-term recruitment strategy and a human resources plan designed for Quebec, in a context where American and Ontario companies dominate much of the market. Feminine and Quebec-made, the "Par Lucie Hénault et cie” brand communicates a feeling of security, confidence and belonging, not only to clients, but also to future employees. The sharing of knowledge, the collective effort and the common passion within the Lucie Hénault team are thus put forward, verbally and graphically, through the recurrence of the "and company” abbreviation: "et cie”.

Agency’s Achievements:

+ Strategic support
+ Design and branding of the employer brand
+ Web design and conception
+ Artistic direction and graphic design
+ Integration and programming

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Creative Approach

With this goal in mind, we designed a website that stands out from the rest. The site's architecture is based on a simple and striking concept: "flair”, which describes the passion for animals as well as the business ability and female intuition that characterize the Lucie Hénault team. This concept gives its name to the centrepiece of the site's originality, the web magazine signed by Lucie Hénault and entitled "Flair et cie”. The magazine, which provides information, offers advice and highlights inspiring women who have made their mark, is the ideal platform to bring to life Lucie Hénault's universe, which lies at the intersection of three major themes: animal welfare, passion for business and female leadership. In addition to the passion for animals and veterinary know-how, we sought to highlight what makes the Lucie Hénault Group an attractive and competitive employer: a team of women based on mutual support and trust; a company geared towards the future and bound to grow, which anchors the practice of veterinary medicine in Quebec; Lucie Hénault's rallying personality, her experience in business as well as her human generosity, her place as a mentor and a Woman Power figure.

In addition to the recurring use of the word "flair”, we opted for a clean design, dynamic navigation and a very clear structure that coherently unifies the different angles and subjects (animals, business and women at work) that make up the site and the Lucie Hénault brand. Discreetly differentiated by their colours, the sections and sub-sections reflect both the professionalism of the group and its warm dimension, focusing on Lucie, her associates, collaborators and inspirations, as well as their faithful companions, thanks to the predominant place of photographs in the layout.