City of Mascouche
A committed community with a strong identity!

Created in 1970, the municipality of Mascouche with its rich local history dating back to 1717, is very attached to its roots. Home to more than 42,000 residents, it can count on a highly engaged community that is very active on social networks. Plenty of activities, festive events and artistic gatherings are held every year.

Since 2020, CDC has been assisting the City of Mascouche in the execution of numerous graphic communication projects. Our main mission is to implement a brand new visual identity unveiled in 2019. The implementation of this new image is intended to be gradual, as the graphic mandates are completed. The numerous ongoing projects, often to be developed simultaneously according to multiple deadlines, represent a major challenge for the City of Mascouche. The establishment of a production team dedicated specifically to the management and execution of these various mandates guarantees the workflow. This team is made up of an artistic director, who ensures visual consistency, a project manager, who oversees the progress of operations and compliance with deadlines, and a graphic designer. The City's communication department can thus respond to internal requests, within sometimes very tight deadlines, thanks to efficient communication tools.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which emerged when we had just begun our collaboration with the City of Mascouche, was an additional and unforeseen challenge. Our team's great flexibility was tested many times, as communication tools were often requested under very tight deadlines, due to the constant evolution of governmental guidelines regarding the health situation.

Graphic and computer design

  • + Development of original visual concepts
  • + Development of a visual identity: logos, pictograms and illustrations
  • + Graphic design of printed material, web and other promotional tools
  • + Outdoor advertising campaign
  • + Signage

Redesign of publications for citizens

We were asked to revise the graphic grid of the main communication tools for citizens: municipal newsletters (printed, web and newsletters). We then designed a promotional campaign to inform Mascouche residents of the graphic changes to their usual tools, as well as the gradual migration to digital.

Print and digital communications:

  • + Multi-platform newsletter
  • + Print publication
  • + Digital publication


Launch and subscription campaign:

  • + Large format ads and billboards
  • + Digital banners
  • + Roll-up
  • + Bus shelters


Corporate tools

As part of the gradual implementation of the City's new identity, CDC has created new municipal communication tools that are visually consistent with the new identity.

Material representing the city:

  • + Portable pennant
  • + Street banner
  • + Stage background
  • + Portable sign

Major conceptual projects

Once again, CDC's creative flair produced several campaigns that stood out for their innovation. The Metropolitan Park Trail campaign focused on showing what the future facility will look like; the Urban Core campaign explained the major work to be done downtown in a playful way; and the Counselor Recruitment campaign was designed to encourage youth to apply to work at summer camps.

This summer you will become…

Counselor recruitment campaign:

  • + Development of themes and slogans
  • + Original illustrations
  • + Print and digital tools on social networks


City core, work that pays off!

Campaign for major works in the city centre (Urban Core):

  • + Development of themes and slogans
  • + Original illustrations
  • + Print and digital tools on social networks


Metropolitan Park Trail, project yourself here!

Campaign to showcase future developments:

  • + Development of themes and slogans
  • + Design of supporting structures
  • + Slide show, poster, print and digital advertising


Logos and pictograms

CDC has created and standardised logos for specific events. While having their own personality, these logos all echo the City's new graphic line.