Concept Maillard: They're Talking About Us!


Concept Maillard: They're Talking About Us!

Since the launch of Maillard, a Quebec online butcher shop’s brand developed by Cyclone, the marketing-communication media have been celebrating this cutting-edge concept. Whether it is TheDieLine, Isarta, Infopresse or Le Grenier aux Nouvelles, all highlight the brand's elaborate aesthetics, the ergonomic design of the website and the quality of the products' packaging.

"Creating a connection between the manufacturer and the consumer is at the centre of the work Cyclone Design Communications did for Maillard.”



"Cyclone Design Communications supported its client from the very first strategic considerations for this new online butcher shop concept."
Grenier aux Nouvelles

"All the agency's services were called upon to deliver this new concept: consulting services, strategy, identity and brand image, packaging, programming, integration, copywriting and public relations in collaboration with Matom."

"Time-saving, practicality, ease of purchase and delivery, superior quality... Maillard's assets are numerous and they have succeeded in attracting a demanding clientele."