Groupe BMR
An exceptional publication

Groupe BMR is a flagship network of hardware stores in Quebec that boasts over 300 renovation centres and employs more than 8,000 people. The company was founded in 1967 and wanted to celebrate its 50th anniversary in style by publishing a book that traces the fascinating story behind this banner that has become the go-to location in Quebec when it comes to renovation needs.


BMR mandated the Cyclone Design Communications team to manage the entirety of this project and respect a tight deadline. In under three months, CDC finalized the editorial plan, content, artistic direction and graphic design, produced a book that contains almost 100 pages of text and imagery, and had the text translated into English. The publication was very positively received by 300 of Groupe BMR’s dealers during the banner’s annual congress in November 2018.


  • Editorial concept
  • Carried out over 40 interviews
  • Editorial research
  • Almost 100 pages drafted

Graphic design

  • Artistic direction
  • Development of the graphics layout
  • Sourcing of images
  • Layout of French and English versions


  • Project management
  • Liaison with various suppliers: translators, revisers, printers