User experience at the heart of Perfection: the Adventure

Ever since 1976, Perfection has been a leader in the field of fundraising campaigns. Thanks to an extensive range of products in over ten catalogues, all that organizations (schools, sports centres, associations, etc.) who require funding for their projects have to do is call on Perfection who will help them carry out door-to-door campaigns. For several years, the platform has given clients the opportunity to roll out their entire campaign online, thanks to an efficient, simple and secure website. contracted Cyclone Design to revamp their fundraising system in order to boost transactions and participant engagement. After carrying out research, Cyclone proposed that Perfection opt for a visual and experiential change based on a key concept: the gamification of the user experience (UX) throughout fundraising campaigns. This strategy has further enriched the digital advantage of Perfection by offering a new concept to the user, directly on his smartphone.

A fun and useful adventure!

The gamification concept aims to make either an action or an environment more fun in order to boost engagement on the part of every individual and eventually create a viral element. In the case of Perfection, a student’s fundamental principle when it comes to fundraising is to secure an amount that translates into a concrete goal (school trip, purchase of materials, etc.). The individual’s goal is often determined at the beginning of the campaign and is not validated until the campaign has ended, regardless of whether the goal was reached. As a result of research carried out by our teams, we concluded that campaigns where individuals benefit are more successful than group campaigns. The integration of an individual-facing gamification system would allow participants to reach goals while feeling involved, thanks to Perfection’s innovative concept.

Specifically, Perfection: the Adventure offers several key elements that contribute to the success of this project: the assigning of a goal, a success percentage, ranking compared to other participants, "dashboard” interfaces reminiscent of video games, and reference to the notion of a mission.

An original sales lever

Perfection: the Adventure is the result of extensive scripting, drafting and interface work and the inclusion of a fun teaching element, a rewards system that motivates participants to boost sales, real-time tracking and personalized emails. Therefore, Perfection: the Adventure is the ideal mobile assistant for all sellers involved in fundraising campaigns!

Our graphic design team has also developed a visual concept that is based on fun personification of the products that can be purchased. An intuitive interface and interactive design combine to make the Adventure an original sales lever for young and old, whether they speak English or French!

  • Scripting and UX/UI concept
  • Development of the visual concept
  • Graphic design (website, applications and brochure)
  • Integration and programming of specialized modules
  • Content drafting and creation (text and video)
  • Maintenance, optimization and consulting services