Stoquart Americas

Stoquart Americas
From Trans-IT to Stoquart Americas:
A connection to the world

In 2017, Trans-IT, a Quebec translation agency, transformed its business by merging with Stoquart SA, their European business partner. As a result of this merger, Stoquart Americas became the only Canadian-owned translation agency with real offices in Canada and Europe. The company can now offer a wide range of linguistic services to clients around the world. CDC was mandated to guide Stoquart Americas in creating the new company’s brand identity and communications strategy and to provide advice on strategy, graphic design, editorial concept and the creation of an entirely new website.

A connection to the world.
Get your message understood everywhere.
Get across what matters.
Simple and effective. Period.

Global fusion, international image

The strategic partnership process led to the creation of a new brand identity for Stoquart Americas and this was followed by the development of tools for the branding launch: a responsive website, launch activities, an email campaign and a complete sales kit. In addition to the graphic design projects, our team also managed the content editing and website integration and programming.

  • Strategic advice
  • Creation of a new brand image
  • Development of an advertising campaign (concept and delivery)
  • Overhaul of the corporate website (concept, graphic design, editing, programming and integration)
  • Creation of a complete sales kit
  • Planning of launch activities
  • Press relations
  • Project management

A dynamic and vivid brand
down to the last detail!

The new brand identity reflects the unique strengths of the translation agency and the international scope that followed the merger.


Punctuation took centre stage and illustrated the philosophy of Stoquart Americas: professionals delivering messages using the subtleties of the languages they master.

Photographic approach

At Stoquart Americas, translation involves much more than simply delivering content in another language. Each project requires an awareness of cultural context and the ability to interpret the underlying message. The photographic approach reflects this vision by highlighting the people behind the words.

Taglines that define Stoquart Americas in a few words

  • A connection to the world.
  • Get your message understood everywhere.
  • Get across what matters.
  • Simple and effective. Period.

A revamped online platform

  • A responsive website adapted for smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Multilingual
  • Intuitive navigation (UX)
  • Dynamic interface (UI)
  • Optimized for online referencing (SEO), in partnership with Combustible
  • Clear content that illustrates the range of services offered by the translation agency
  • A visual identity that aligns with the communications campaign
  • A Wordpress platform that is streamlined with the Stoquart SA website platform