CaniSource Grand Cru
A successful rebranding project

CaniSource is a pet-food brand that caters to a pet owner who truly cares about the animal’s well-being and needs. Their product is made up of meat approved for human consumption (HACCP certified processing plant) and contains no offal or meat rejected by slaughterhouses. Their unique low temperature dehydration process preserves almost all of the original nutrients.


Strategic planning

The client approached CDC to review the branding of its cold processed raw food for dogs. We carried out a comprehensive diagnosis of the brand, which enabled us to identify several positioning challenges:

+ Confusion about the product brand versus the company
+ Lack of emphasis on what sets the company apart
+ Lack of distinction between different products

This analysis led to the creation of a branded product that is distinct from the company’s brand. This allowed the client to position their company in a very high- end market and align the perceived value with the quality of the product. Since launching the rebranding process, we have worked with the client on their communications strategy and its deployment. We also completely redesigned the CaniSource Grand Cru website.

Strategic planning

+ Positioning analysis and customer survey
+ Comprehensive brand redesign
+ Development of a three-year strategic plan
+ Content creation

Graphic design and content review

+ Packaging completely redesigned
+ Sales tools created
+ Adverts created
+ Photo shoots

CaniSource Grand Cru website development

+ Visual concept developed
+ Content editing
+ Responsive web design
+ Bilingual site architecture
+ Programming



"First of all, what we appreciated about DCC’s approach was that we felt we represented more than a new project. We became a new partner. As a result, we entrusted them with transforming our brand image. They surprised us by getting results on time and within budget. It’s both easy and reassuring to work with a business partner who understands and adapts to our individual situation, our challenges and our fears and comes up with solutions without compromising creativity. CDC is a fine example of professionalism, reliability, creativity and partnership.”

Frantz Roc
Managing Director, CaniSource