Imprimeur de marque

Created in 1986, Imprimerie l'Empreinte ranks among the top five privately owned printers in Quebec. CDC has assisted l'Empreinte in repositioning its brand and in creating their brochure and their various communication tools as well as with the complete redesign of their website. This site is a true sensory experience that reflects l'Empreinte's attention to aesthetics, elegance and detail. It rises up the challenge of conveying on a digital medium the love of printing that makes l'Empreinte resonate. The video animations and tightly framed images reveal the subtlety of textures and the brightness of colours. By looking at the various projects presented throughout the site, one can experience the depths, the effects and even the fragrance of the freshly delivered printed materials.

+ Strategic support

+ Editorial writing and advice

+ Content architecture

+ Art direction and graphics

+ Integration and programming

+ Videos: collaboration with 32 Degrés