Association des Maîtres Couvreurs du Québec
Integrated campaign T'as pas vu ma vue

Founded in 1966, the Association des Maîtres Couvreurs du Québec brings together more than 93 companies in the sector of roofing and roof repairs. The Association was entrusted with the development of an approach to promote the profession to alleviate the labour shortage that affects companies in the industry. The success of this approach is crucial as trade schools struggle to open their programs due to a lack of students. Furthermore, companies face significant labour shortages. This physically demanding profession also suffers from a bad reputation due to several preconceptions linked to an insufficient knowledge of its daily reality.


Challenge and objectives

Promote the benefits of this occupation through a communication campaign to significantly increase the number of students entering a DEP program in one of Quebec's three schools.


The process was launched with a series of workshops bringing together the main stakeholders in the project (members, CCQ representatives, representatives of the labour federations, etc.). The conclusions of this research and analysis phase ensured a good understanding of the trade's reality, defined its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and identified the typical candidates to approach. This first phase ended with the presentation of a communications plan.

Strategy and proposed approach

Following the completion of the communications plan, CDC began developing a strategy based on a Web-Experimental-Display mix. Targeted by a series of career events through Quebec schools and specific web targeting, young men aged 16 to 24 are invited to live the "T'as Pas Vu Ma Vue" Experience and visit the website developed as part of the campaign. Since the roofing trade is performed in high places and in all seasons, it is a trade that is not suitable for all. Through the "T'as Pas Vu Ma Vue" Experience, prospective candidates are invited to "experience" this spectacular side of the business through virtual reality. For three minutes, they find themselves perched on the roof of a 20-storey building and discover, as though they were there, the basics of the trade and how a typical day unfolds. Emotions and discoveries are guaranteed!

In order to bring home this experience and information and to attract and better inform parents, who are the main influencers for these young men on the brink of making their career choices, each participant leave with a cardboard visor to "relive” the campaign so they can share the experience with their families.
The visor also comes with an informative handout to encourage them and their parents to visit the website which offers important information to attract prospective students and reassure their parents about the many advantages of a career in this industry. In addition to this "above-ground" tour, a major web-based media placement campaign is deployed with targeting and retargeting strategies on social media and YouTube.


School tour – spring and fall 2019
Media placement – spring 2019 to spring 2020

+ Strategic consulting

+ Ideation and creation of the campaign concept

+ Visual creation

+ Website production: writing, design, integration, programming

+ Design and production of the virtual reality experience, in collaboration with 32 Degrés: 
    scriptwriting, shooting, editing, programming

+ Production of promotional tools: booths, glasses, brochures