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A partner in the field of education for over 50 years, world-renowned for the quality of its work, Pearson ERPI is an international publishing house that specializes in education and offers learning resources for all disciplines.


CDC has been working with ERPI for more than three years, creating graphic designs, covers, and full layouts of books, some of which are longer than 500 pages. Our team created more than a dozen books, manuals, brochures, and workbooks for ERPI, while also designing numerous covers.

Assembling a book is a speciality that requires expertise, precision, rigour, and a keen sense of graphic design. Often many people are involved in publishing a book, and a great deal of work is generally spent on proofs. CDC's experience in publishing for over 20 years among major publishing names (Groupe Librex, Québecor, La Presse, Éditions du Trécarré, Tormont, Presses Internationales Polytechniques, Éditions Transcontinental) has made ERPI's projects a success!

Graphic design

+ Art direction
+ Creating a set of graphics for print and digital works
+ Complete book layout
+ Creating logos and pictographs
+ Designing complex graphical tables, diagrams, and illustrations


+ Coordinating projects every step of the way

Pearson Erpi
Pearson Erpi
Pearson Erpi
Pearson Erpi