Mille-Îles Brewery
at a high-quality brewery

Mille-Îles Brewery was launched in 2016. This new microbrewery in the Lanaudière region respects ancestral know-how by crafting authentic beers that showcase the greatest brewing traditions. This client contracted Cyclone Design Communications to create a brand identity for the microbrewery and develop a series of complementary branding tools.


Birth of a brand

The creative team at CDC worked together to develop the Mille-Îles Brewery visual identity. This visual concept pays homage to the ancestral traditions of local mills. From the outset, this identity was crafted with a view to developing a range of products within the three classical brewing collections.

Brand development was enhanced with the addition of various advertising and promotional tools that included boxes, bottle labels, coasters, cases, business cards, stickers, bottle caps, promotional display, posters and beer taps.

Mille-Île Brewery has had a successful first year and continues to partner with CDC on the design of their communication tools, especially when launching new beers.

Tailor-made Branding

We partnered with this new microbrewery on choosing a name, logo and design identity based on 4 elements:

+ Respect for the cultural and historical heritage of the Lower Laurentians region
+ Visual that sets the business apart from other competing microbreweries
+ A premium brand that reflects the graphic style of the wine and spirits markets
+ Collections that represent classical brewing methods: American, Belgian and English


An energetic growth

The success of Brasserie Mille-Îles quickly pushed the company to automate its production line, leading it to replace the traditional glass bottle with an aluminum container. The product that made the company famous is now offered in cans. CDC was given the mandate to design a new visual proposition that would perpetuate the prestige and consistency of the brand image.

The complicity that exists between CDC and the brothers Maxime and Étienne Lapointe, founders of the microbrewery, will once again be harnessed to offer a refined and simple design, proof of a quality product that is already well-known and appreciated.

Strategic guidance and branding

+ Strategic guidance
+ Brand development
+ Development of an identity platform (characteristics, values, personality)
+ Choosing a name for the microbrewery and its first 3 beers
+ Creation of a visual identity

Graphic design

+ Creation of a visual identity
+ Mockups and photographic simulations
+ Design of boxes, beer bottle labels, coasters, cases, business cards, stickers, bottle caps, promotional display and posters